Fort Lawton EIS Scoping Meeting at Daybreak Star June 19th 2017

There was a terrific turnout at the Ft. Lawton meeting last night.  Estimates ran to 250 or more people in attendance.  In addition to these concerned citizens, Councilmember Sally Bagshaw, City office of Housing Project Manager Lindsay Masters, a representative of the Parks Department, a representative from Catholic Housing Services and a representative plus two owners from Habitat for Humanity made remarks.

Very little new hard information was presented.  The city presented the current process as an extension of the 2008 process, and outlined a rough vision for development of the 38 acre Fort Lawton site.  In summary, roughly 1/2 of this space would be land-banked as future parkland (which may include median strips and other land not actually useable for park space), and the remaining land would include 85 low-rise apartment units of assisted homeless permanent housing, up to 50 low-income ownership homes (row houses or townhouses), and 100 units of low-income housing as townhouses or row houses.

The City staff’s idea of “public comment” as outlined in the notice for the scoping meeting did not match the attendees’ expectations (video, 2 mins), and the energy of the crowd was apparent–the second half of the meeting did turn into a public forum, but for comments to “count” in the process, they had to be recorded by the court reporter in a corner of the room, or must be sent in writing (or via email) to the city.  Councilmember Bagshaw indicated in person last night that the comment period for the scoping process would be extended by 45 days, however that change is not reflected on the City’s Fort Lawton page as of this writing.

Photos of PowerPoint and event

Community for Fort Lawton E-STEAM school statement via

KOMO coverage

2 thoughts on “Fort Lawton EIS Scoping Meeting at Daybreak Star June 19th 2017”

  1. Great website. Thank you for putting it online. STEAM School is a forward looking and necessary part of the project should it continue.

  2. I thought the proposed plan was very acceptable and was happy that so much of the site was left as habitat/active recreation land. Better than the 2008 plan. I don’t want to see the Federal Govt come in and sell to a developer…no Park at all. I hope tonight’s meeting goes better. Can’t attend. Send in your comments!!!

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