Latest on Ft. Lawton March 1 2018

Current status of the project is that the draft environmental impact statement was completed and issued, and comments accepted. Per the Seattle Housing Office web site, the process for 2018 is:

Final Environmental Impact Statement (~early 2018)

Issuance of Final EIS (FEIS): Following the public comment period, the FEIS will be published. The FEIS will include a response to all public comments received on the DEIS.
Proposed Redevelopment Plan (~early to mid-2018)

Proposed Redevelopment Plan: Based on the FEIS, a proposed Redevelopment Plan for Fort Lawton will be prepared. Public comment on the plan will be taken before the plan is forwarded to the City Council.

City Council Review and Adoption: The Proposed Redevelopment Plan will be submitted to the City Council for review and adoption. The City Council may seek additional public review once the plan is submitted.

Seattle Parks and Recreation property: If the Proposed Redevelopment Plan proceeds and a portion of the property is conveyed for park uses, the site would likely be treated as a land-banked site until funding is identified.

Once funding is available, Seattle Parks and Recreation would run an additional public engagement and outreach process.

Seattle Public Schools: The City of Seattle has also agreed to work with Seattle Public Schools (SPS) on an opportunity for SPS to own a portion of the property dedicated to active park uses.